Teacher Training Application

Namaste! We are delighted that you are interested in participating in the Yogic Lifestyle Teacher Training with us, whether for a week or for the entire 4 week program. Completing the short form below gives us a clearer idea of your intentions and your match for this unique experience. After reviewing your application, we will send further instructions on how to make a deposit and reserve your space in the training, along with further preparatory materials, liability and ethics agreements, etc. We look forward to meeting you and exploring the depths of yogic lifestyle together! OM

NOTE: Due to site limitations this form will have to be filled out all at once, online. If more convenient for you, simply fill out your name and email below, and we will email you a digital copy to complete offline. 

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For those attending single week sessions only, are you interested in earning continuing education credits and if so, to what school/program are they to be applied?
Which elements of yogic lifestyle have drawn you to apply to this particular program (e.g. practical teaching experience, deepening personal practice, Sanskrit, harmonium, meditation, Indian cultural immersion, etc. etc.)?
Personal details
In your view, what qualities do effective yoga teachers embody and share?
Please share with us something about your exposure, experience and practice of Yoga. Some period of consistent asana practice prior to this training is highly recommended (there is still time to start!). Being a yoga teacher is physically demanding and in this training you will be required to attend multiple asana classes per day including some intense physical practice.
Please describe any physical or mental health conditions, allergies, etc. that might affect your participation in this program. List any medication you are presently taking and will need in India. Indicate if you are pregnant or recently gave birth (within the past 18 months). Please feel free to add any other relevant health-related information including mental health issues. All information shared with us will remain strictly confidential (HIPPA style)
Hobbies, activities and interests that color you as an individual
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