Class Descriptions


Classes at Jamuna Yoga include setting selfless intention, use of props and walls, detailed alignment cues, diverse playlists, meditation, shavasana, Ujjaiyi breath, pranayama and kriyas, and techniques from other movement and fitness traditions. Sequences are carefully and safely crafted according to either a peak pose, asanas linked by a theme, a particular bodily region, or by the seven chakras; creating a transformative experience that touches on all physical and energetic systems in the body. Classes are distilled from classical yoga teachings, made more compassionate and approachable for the modern and urban student. Jenna offers sensitive, intuitive and energetic hands-on assists throughout the practice for those open to receiving them. 

Yoga is a radical movement for profound transformation,
and not for the faint of heart!    

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Jamuna 45

This express practice combines traditional elements and longer breath counts of Hatha yoga with the transitions, strength and movement of vinyasa. The sequences respect the concise style of the practice, making sure to include all chakras and systems of poses (standing, twisting, backbending etc.) evenly. The heartbeat of the practice is an inspiring and uplifting soundtrack, meticulously crafted to create a unique experience that is beyond physical asana alone.



Jamuna 60

This dynamic practice incorporates everything from Jamuna 45 and adds an extra fifteen minutes to deepen our understanding of the theme, teachings and asanas, and to include a longer shavasana. Sequences, music and readings are carefully crafted to support the dharma or spiritual theme of the class, connecting you deeply to the mood of each particular practice.


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Jamuna 75

This practice brings us to a more immersive level of understanding and experience. Although very much taught to the level of the individual students in class, with variations and modifications offered, this experience is recommended for experienced yogis. Each practice includes storytelling and call and response chanting.


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Asana Lab

This workshop-style practice focuses on a particular group of asanas each week (standing poses, inversions, twists, etc.). We set up each asana step by step with alignment and practice variations with props and partners. We discuss the energetics and philosophy of the poses. Class is balanced with meditation, chanting, intention setting and shavasana. A valuable class for beginners to build the foundations of an informed yoga practice, for seasoned yogis to deepen their knowledge, and for current yoga teachers seeking methods and inspiration.



To heal the body you cannot just release or strengthen, you must do both in tandem. This class begins with a powerful vinyasa practice to strengthen particular muscle groups. We transition to targeted myofascial release, using therapy balls on trigger points, releasing tension from corresponding areas of the body. This healing practice can drastically reduce pain and tension, and you will leave with incredible tools for continued self healing.


Ahimsa Brunch

Ahimsa (non-harming) is among the yamas (restraints) of the yogic discipline and an essential element of living yoga. Through the physical asana practice of shape shifting into animals, we take flight, roam free, merge into the ocean and embody primal consciousness. The Ahimsa practice continues with Vegan yogic brunch. Each week features new dishes, tips and techniques for cooking at home. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to begin this practice, or to awaken to compassion for all beings. Soak in the light of conscious community, and enjoy a delicious vegan meal! Take your yoga practice off the mat and into your daily life with Ahimsa.



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