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Jenna Faith
800 hour certification in Jivamukti Yoga
B.F.A., Fashion Design
A.S., Biology

My first memory, a vision I can still conjure to this day, was being mystified and astounded by locking eyes with a magical, fascinating creature, my godmother's housecat! By the age of 3, I was in love with Elvis and had memorized his dance routines. I spent my childhood creating homemade dance and dramatic film productions and my summers at a farm camp tending to animals. I danced competitively for 15 years. In my teens I was prescribed yoga as a remedy for chronic pain and fibromyalgia and absolutely hated it! 

I eventually became enchanted by the Jivamukti Yoga School's focus on spirituality and animal activism. In 2013 I completed the month long intensive Jivamukti teacher training, widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive and challenging programs of its kind, directly led by founders Sharon Ganon and David Life. I continued into a 6 month apprenticeship with Advanced Jivamukti certified instructor Jessica Stickler, completing my 800 hour certification in 2014. I continue to practice daily and earn continuing education credits by studying with various yoga teachers and mentors.

The first yoga classes I taught were terrible, but I was forgiven for my over the top enthusiasm. Desperate to become a full-time NYC yoga teacher, I knew I needed to submerge myself into the craft and quickly amass teaching experience. I developed a reputation for maxing out at teaching 7 classes in a day and became known as "the machine." A day off for me meant teaching only 3 classes! I was so absorbed in the teaching lifestyle, the days and months flew by and my classes thankfully improved dramatically. For almost 4 years I continued to teach full-time, 35+ yoga classes per week, at multiple studios throughout New York City and New Jersey. I taught yoga privates to many clients, including high profile celebrities. This gave me invaluable experience tailoring my classes to the individual needs of students of all levels and incorporating elements of dance, fitness, meditation, and multiple yoga traditions into my teaching repertoire.

Now living and teaching in Orange County, California, I curate a diverse schedule of classes, workshops and private sessions, always tailored to any level of practitioner, with special attention to their needs, alignment, and the growth of the student’s personal practice. My personal daily practice of meditation, yoga, kriyas and pranayama is my lifeline to health, pain management and happiness. My experiences living with chronic pain and fibromyalgia deeply inform my practice and teaching, bringing a level of awareness, sensitivity and safety to our classes here at Jamuna Yoga. I have also enjoyed several opportunities to teach workshops and at festivals internationally, most recently at Bhakti Fest and at Prague Spirit Festival. I have co-facilitated India retreats and co-produced bhakti festivals and events. 


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"Jenna Faith makes yoga not only an exercise plan, but also foundation to guide you to the next level of becoming a better person...You get some great workouts along the way. Give her a chance to guide you through the asanas and life. ”





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