Jamuna Yoga is everything I want out of a yoga studio: noncorporate, intimate, and really strong teaching. It’s the most legit yoga space I’ve found in LA, not simply focusing on the asana practice, but solid pranayama, meditation, and mantra work as well. Jenna’s classes always present a variety of music, sequences, and use of props, so my monthly membership never feels redundant or boring. Basically, she knows her shit! Very grateful to Jenna and Val for creating and holding such a beautiful and inclusive space for me to practice.
— Patti

Jamuna Yoga is brilliant! Jenna is an excellent teacher, she skillfully combines a tough yoga workout, inversion practice, meditation and sutras. I have dabbled in yoga a little in the past but since happening across this studio I am totally addicted. Jenna’s down-to-earth and authentic approach and her skill in teaching has won me over! Highly recommended!
— Charlotte

Jenna is a kind and knowledgeable teacher; her classes are consistently good and her assists are safe and helpful. The sequencing is always dynamic and balanced with equal focus on body and mind. Since they opened, Jamuna has become my go-to studio. Highly recommend.
— Carol Anne

My husband and I took a class this morning and we both had a really great experience. Jenna is a patient teacher and made us feel relaxed and at home. I’ve been doing yoga a while and it was my husband’s first class, and the class was blended perfectly for us. I really loved the mini-meditation at the end, before shavasana, which most studios I’ve been to don’t do, so that was a really nice way to end. Will definitely be back when we visit LA again!
— Elisabeth

I have been practicing yoga for almost a decade and Jenna was one of the best instructors I’ve had. Her sequencing was great, she offers hands-on adjustments to make sure you get the most out of your practice, and her voice is so soothing. I’ll definitely be back!
— Marissa

Jenna is a gifted teacher. Her knowledge of yoga guides you through the poses and her empathy lets her know when you are ready to advance to the next level. I have spent time with some of the top rated yoga instructors in NYC. Most of the instructors in NYC are attempting to build a practice centered on themselves. That is not the path Jenna has taken as teacher. My personal journey to yoga showed me that Jenna Faith is a highly underrated instructor. She makes yoga not only an exercise plan, but also foundation to guide you to the next level of becoming a better person. Her guidance does not mold you into the person she wants you to be; instead, it allows you to become the person you want be. You get some great workouts along the way. Give her a chance to guide you through the asanas and life.
— Timothy C., RN

I have been practicing yoga at Jivamukti Yoga Center in Jersey City, NJ for three years now. Jenna Faith was my first teacher there and left a memorable impression on me. She was very welcoming, kind and unassuming. Her extensive knowledge of the yoga practice, vinyasa flow, pranayama techniques and dharma teachings made her a special teacher who had a dedicated flock of students. Jenna’s classes were always physically and mentally challenging, rigorous and demanding - not only a work out for the body, but for the mind as well. If a student feels better after a yoga class than when they came into the studio, a teacher has done her job. And Jenna is that teacher.
— Elisaveta Stoilova

I met Jenna at Prague Spirit Festival in 2017. Her class wasn’t only my favorite that day but probably one of the best classes I have ever been to. Instantly, I felt a connection with Jenna and through her class also with myself. And that’s what I honour and appreciate the most. I got out of the class with a huge smile on my face, dancing and feeling the power, that everything is possible. Thank you, soul sister.
— Anna Styblo

Jenna was an apprentice at Jivamukti Yoga when I met her. As a veteran teacher myself, I always respected the tireless commitment of teacher trainees as they went through the rigorous portions of the training. I attended dozens of classes during Jenna’s unfolding as a teacher and witnessed a true metamorphosis in her being. She is a kind, wise and capable woman whose clear instruction and dedication are matched only by her passion! You, the student, will enjoy her spirit in her classes.
— Laura Weiss, Euphoria yoga (Woodstock NY)

Jenna’s classes are an intensely physical practice with dynamite music, creating an equally spiritual practice wrapped into the class. Her discipline is contagious and makes me want to work harder as a yogi striving to find balance in my practice and my life.
— Rebecca Casey

Jenna’s classes are beautifully sequenced and challenging. She brings awesome energy and amazing music to her classes. Although Jenna is sharing her talent with the world, my soul misses her teaching here in NJ.
— Ida Kenna