Vallabh Das

vdas harmonium playing.jpg

Vallabh das (Val) first found yoga in Vermont in 1997.

For 8 years he continued to study and live with his yoga teacher and mentor, Prem Prakash, director of the Green Mountain School of Yoga and a profound teacher, brilliant author and genuine practitioner of yoga.

After a brief career in social services, working with adults and children with disabilities and mental illness, Val met the great bhakti yoga translator, singer, beloved friend and teacher, Shyamdas, with whom he lived and studied until Shyamdas' passing in 2013.

Receiving the name Vallabhdas ("follower of the Beloved") and initiation into the bhakti tradition called Pushtimarg (path of grace), Val lived in rural India and studied bhakti traditions with his guru Shri Milan Goswami and many other teachers and practitioners.

Val completed his M.A. in Asian Languages and Literature at the University of Washington in 2013 and now is happily married to Jenna Faith and co-managing Jamuna Yoga.

Val has maintained a yoga asana practice over the past two decades and now also leads various classes and workshops on chanting, yoga, Sanskrit, literature and bhakti.