My first memory in life is the mystery and awe of seeing a house cat. I was totally captivated by this furry wonder. From then on I knew what my first great love was: the animal kingdom. My love for animals later took me on a cross country WWOOFing adventure during which I interned on farms in exchange for room and board. At one point in the journey I stumbled upon a "duck farm" and was forced to see the reality of the meat industry. I knew I could never eat meat again. It was slightly challenging at first, since I didn’t really like vegetables, but with patience, experimenting and learning about recipes and nutrition, it became second nature.

After a few years being pure vegetarian (no eggs, no meat), I came upon the Jivamukti Yoga method, founded upon the principles of animal activism, and I adopted a fully vegan diet.

My love for animals and big cats in particular led me to earn a degree in biology and zoology. I also enjoyed living for six beautiful months as an intern at a sanctuary, BIG Cat Rescue, in Florida. I truly live for animals and would do anything to help promote kindness to all beings everywhere.

I love my vegan lifestyle and would love nothing more than to share. As an experienced and avid vegan cook, I am always eager to share vegan recipes and nutrition advice.