Schedule a free, private intake appointment

New and existing students can now connect with us by email or phone to schedule a free 30 minute intake appointment with Jenna. Working one-on-one with Jenna in this private setting will help to identify individualized goals for your yoga practice, to determine which classes offered at Jamuna would serve you best, to introduce practices you can try at home and address any chronic issues or injuries. You might learn variations of common asanas custom tailored to your practice, or take this time to ask Jenna any questions about your practice at all.


Yoga Private

A private 45 minute experience, either in your home or in my home studio. Each private is customized according your interests, limitations, experience, strengths, goals, body type, abilities, etc. In our sessions together, I will quickly adapt the hands-on assists, sequence, mood, speed, and even the music playlists to suit your preferences and needs. We can also use this time to develop your daily home yoga practice. Sliding scale: $50-$150

Small group and corporate classes

I will travel to your workplace or home; or bring your group to my home studio, for a semi-private class. We focus on integrating yoga into our hectic lifestyles, making time for community, breathing together, and furthering our yoga and meditation practices. Appropriate to any experience level, always adjusted to the needs and abilities of the students in the room. This can take place in a yoga room with mats or even at a desk or office cubicles!

PCA: Personal in-Class Assists

During a studio class taught by another teacher, I will stay with you and adjust you in every pose to maximize the safety and alignment of your practice. I become your personal pose assistant, stabilizing you where necessary, and using your breath as my guide to bring you deeper.

PCA is an excellent opportunity for correcting alignment, trying new postures, going deeper, and identifying tendencies and habits within your practice. Afterwards I can offer you personalized feedback about your practice.


Connect with me to experience Private yoga instruction, as well as special events at your studio, festival workshops, small group private gatherings, and more!